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Diaspora Show on ALB UK TV

Diaspora show on Alb UK TV TV.  Invited on the show Ambassador of the Republic of Albania Mr. Qirjako Qirko who answers the questions of the Community. Follow the show on our official FB website, on the website and on the TV channels of Alb UK TV via IPTV.

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             ”UK ALBANIAN TALENT SHOW” Ne bashkepunim me ALBUK TV

Nje nisme e re per te gjithe te rinjte Shqiptare qe ndodhen ne Britanine e Madhe! Te gjithe ata qe deshirojne te ndjekin rrugen e Artit, dhe te bejne endrrat e tyre realitet, si ne kenge , kercim, recitim.

talent show


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