About Us

Welcome to Alb UK TV, your premier source for informative, entertaining, and culturally enriching programming, dedicated to the Albanian community in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our History

Alb UK TV was founded in 2017 as the first informative window for the Albanian community in the United Kingdom, broadcasting in both Albanian and English. It provides round-the-clock satellite transmission throughout Europe via IPTV platforms, concurrently reaching viewers in the United States and Canada.

In January 2019, a significant milestone was achieved with the introduction of High Definition (HD) broadcasting on Digitalb Satellite Channel 116, ensuring top-notch quality across all IPTV channels – Alb UK TV HD. With a rich program lineup and a team of seasoned professionals, Alb UK TV has earned a special place in the hearts of the Albanian diaspora. The network boasts two state-of-the-art television studios in London and one in Albania, equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Alb UK TV is the United Kingdom’s sole television network with a qualified and professional staff that competes admirably with its European counterparts. Mr. Ian Pelham Turner, a renowned journalist with experience at BBC, Sky News, SCNN, ITB, and MBC, serves as the President. Thanks to the dedication of its authors, presenters, and producers, Alb UK TV creates highly engaging programs in both Albanian and English for our fellow compatriots. The Honorary President, in collaboration with Mr. Kastrati, is the visionary behind Alb UK TV, the first Albanian operator.

Alb UK TV brings you:

  1. “Diaspora Live” broadcasts, an Albanian-language program featuring guests from the Albanian community living abroad, discussing their experiences and achievements.

  2. “Talent Show,” a spectacular event held annually by Alb UK TV in collaboration with Juliana Shalla, Edita Krasniqi, and Ina Veneti, hosted by Alb UK TV’s own Dafina Rama and Anita Kalemi.

  3. Extensive coverage and commentary on significant events in Albania and London since 2018, including the exclusive broadcast of the “Albanian Week in the UK” event, celebrating Albania’s National Independence Day, organized in collaboration with the Albanian and Kosovan embassies.

  4. The grand “Nation’s Journey” concert, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Albania’s independence.

  5. Under the Alb UK TV banner, the public is informed, entertained, and educated with the best programs in the Albanian diaspora, presented by successful and professional hosts.

  6. “Big ALB Biz,” a talk show hosted by journalist and presenter Enkeleda Berisha, offers direct communication with viewers who become the stars of the evening, discussing various social topics.

  7. “Rockabillia,” a music and information show by Dafina Rama and Ervin Gjonaj, presenting the world of Rock & Roll/Metal music and its historical significance, including bands from Albania and around the world.

  8. “ZONË VIP,” hosted by Anita Kalemi and Anna Kola, provides weekly updates on the lives of Albanian and international showbiz personalities, covering gossip, relationships, lifestyles, and new projects.

  9. “E-Show,” a talk show hosted by Ermal Qori, invites well-known Albanian personalities for playful interviews, bringing laughter, entertainment, and excitement to the audience.

  10. “Argetohu Shqip me Aniten,” a children’s program in Albanian hosted by Anita Kalemi, focusing on songs, poems, and games for kids, while nurturing the Albanian language for the younger generation.

  11. “Personazh Alb,” a show hosted by Graciela Kiri, featuring successful personalities in the United Kingdom and beyond, where each guest shares their unique journey, challenges, and achievements with the audience.

  12. “LIGJ DHE DREJTËSI” aims to address immigration and human rights issues with lawyer Naim Hasani, providing direct answers to viewer inquiries every other Tuesday.

  13. “100% Shqip” focuses on the Albanian diaspora and current politics in Albania, hosted by Alban Nuredinaj, airing every Sunday on Alb UK TV.

  14. “ALB UK TV NEWS” provides flash news on the latest developments in Britain and Albania, delivering real-time information of interest to the Albanian community in the UK.

  15. “Tendence,” a social-themed show by Gledis Tarazhi, focuses on artistic creations and the latest trends in various fields, exclusively presented to the public.

  16. “Une Guxoj” profiles various individuals who serve as inspiration to the Albanian community in the UK, sharing extraordinary stories in a friendly conversation, often while driving through the streets of London.

Alb UK TV has undertaken several initiatives to elevate the Albanian name in both Albanian and English, welcoming young members of the community into their studios. Additionally, Alb UK TV collaborates with distinguished journalists, including commentators from the Royal Family, to support and promote the Albanian community in the UK.

Moreover, Alb UK TV is actively involved in various events in London, including those at the Albanian and Kosovan embassies, further solidifying its presence and significance within the community.

All these projects and many more, exclusively on Alb UK TV!